Overview About Wales McLelland

When We Work Together, The Sky’s
The Limit

Every project is specific and unique, but we still take the same view: by working together with our partners every step of the way we can do great things. Over the past 50 years, we’ve built on our experience by maintaining a foundation of exceptional quality and absolute transparency. Our collaborative approach, coupled with the latest technology, building methods and project management tools, ensures our clients are in on the ground floor so we can deliver results that go above and beyond.

50 Years of Excellence

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A Specialized Builder

As a construction company working exclusively in commercial and industrial sectors, we design and develop highly specialized buildings to meet the unique demands of each industry. There are many challenges in this field, and we always aim to provide innovative solutions that fit our clients' diverse needs. We proudly employ a highly experienced team and hire industry-leading trade partners and consultants, so our clients know they’re working with the best when they partner with Wales McLelland.

A Building Partner

With over 500 projects under our belt, we know the most important requirement for developing highly customized buildings is clear communication and open collaboration. To our clients, we’re not just a general contractor. We’re a specialized partner who shares their goals, their values, their challenges, and their successes. Because when our clients’ best interests are our best interests, we’re able to invest in helping their business grow.

The Best Approach is a Custom Approach

As our clients in the industry evolve to better their businesses, we at WM tailor our approach to meet their unique business objectives. Using technological and practical applications, we offer customization without compromise. We do this by collaborating closely with our clients from early feasibility and conception right through to delivering the final space ready for operating. We view ourselves as an extension of our clients’ business and integrate our role as much as possible to ensure the client’s new building is what they really need to continue their success.

Project Updates at Your Fingertips

We are one of Western Canada’s leading construction companies because we choose to use technology to build excellence and trust. Using SiteMax Systems, we provide our clients with complete visibility on every project, including real-time updates. This allows us to be transparent with our partners, while maximizing efficiency at every stage of construction.

Our Excellence Comes from Experience

At Wales McLelland, we’ve been building excellence for over 50 years. Our management team has a combined 300 years of construction experience, and our portfolio has grown to over 500 completed projects since we started in 1971. So, if you’re looking for a partner with unrivalled experience, you’ve come to the right place.

We’re In the Relationship-Building Business

We call our clients and contractors partners for a reason: because relationships are built on trust and respect. Relationships are built over time, which is why we invest in our relationships from the very beginning. We are a partner that wants to be part of your business for the long term, and this shows in everything we do. Taking this view is why we have worked with some clients and contractors for decades.

Our Values are Everything

As a company, our values are the driving force behind our business. Whether we’re working on a pre-construction contract or a full design-build project, we stand by our core values, because they are the foundation of everything we do.