Services Industrial & Commercial Construction

Your Construction Partner From Start to Finish.

From concept to completion, we make sure we use the best team and the right delivery methods for every project. We offer the highest quality construction services along with customized engagement arrangements to optimize our clients' budgets. And with extensive experience in due diligence, pre-construction, design-builds, general contracting, and construction management, we’re able to deliver whatever our partners need so they can build with confidence.



Setting a solid foundation for a project starts before any concrete is poured. When handling pre-construction, we aim for quality and accuracy right out of the gate by following the necessary processes to ensure required approvals are met. We set ourselves and our partners up for success by establishing clear communication and by developing detailed preliminary designs. We look at the entire project and introduce value engineering and efficiency across the project. That’s why working with us, in the beginning, produces the best result in the end.



With our tried and tested design-build process, we manage everything from planning to completion. Whether we’re working on designs, permits, construction, or budgeting, we handle every major phase and minor task with the same attention to detail. Plus, with one team overseeing all project stages, construction, and design work can be performed simultaneously with incredible efficiency. Right from the start of the pre-construction phase, we oversee designs and begin planning the most cost-effective construction methods with designers, engineers, and clients. We also work closely with consultants and field staff to ensure that best practices are being used. This allows us to complete projects faster and at a lower cost, without compromising build quality, safety, or sustainability.

General Contracting


For over 50 years, we've been a trusted general contractor across Western Canada. We have one of the most experienced teams in the industry, using proven processes and the latest technologies. So no matter how specialized the project, we are able to take on all the heavy lifting—everything from quantifying to supplying to pricing materials, labour, and equipment.

Construction Management


At Wales McLelland, we consider transparent, open-book project budgeting an integral part of our construction management service. That's why our team of experienced senior staff personally oversees costs, schedules, performance, and quality. But as the industry has evolved, so have we by developing our very own proprietary Construction Project Management System. Using the latest technology, our site superintendents can send clients project updates as they happen. This makes it easy for our clients and contractors to collaborate with the design team, while also ensuring accurate costing and trade feedback.

Commercial Buildings


In over 50 years of managing commercial projects across Western Canada, we’ve learned that every business is different and each building is unique. So at Wales McLelland, we don’t try to fit our clients’ objectives into a pre-packaged design. Instead, we create and facilitate partnerships that help us learn exactly what our clients need, so we can develop highly specialized buildings on time and on budget. Commercial Buildings are changing, and Wales McLelland is leading the way.

Industrial Buildings


Industrial warehouses, distribution centres, climate-controlled storage. No matter how complex the project, we build it with unrivalled expertise. In the past 50 years, we’ve completed hundreds of industrial projects and built long-standing trade relationships and partnerships with engineers and consultants across Western Canada. We know the trends, the technology, the challenges, and the solutions for even the most customized builds. So, when you need a building your business can depend on, you can count on us to deliver it.