Overview The Wales Way

A History of Excellence

We’ve spent the past 50 years developing a specialized process that consistently delivers exceptional results. It’s been shaped, refined, and perfected over the course of 500 successful projects. Today, with the help of our experienced team, trade partners, and cutting-edge technology, we’ve streamlined the way we work so we can tackle the most complex and challenging projects better and faster than anyone in Western Canada.

We are Commercial Builders

When we partner with a commercial company, we get to know their business inside and out: their daily activities, how they use a space, and the demands and requirements that they need to meet every day. Once we know the operations, we set out to plan, design, and build a space that not only solves their unique challenges, but also drives results.

We are Industrial Builders

The industrial sector requires construction at the highest level, so having a specialized building partner is crucial. At Wales McLelland, we understand exactly what it takes to meet the most complex requirements, while keeping costs down and goals met. Whether it’s a climate-controlled building or a major distribution centre, we focus on accuracy from the start, so that our clients get exactly what they want in the end.

60 Million Square Feet Built

We are Repeat Builders

We’re not just in the business of commercial and industrial buildings. We’re in the business of building relationships that last. That’s why you’ll see many of our clients more than once in our portfolio. We pride ourselves on our history of creating long-term partnerships and executing on what we promised. We’ve spent 50 years doing our best work for some of the biggest names in the industry, and they keep coming back because they trust Wales McLelland to do the job right every time.

Building Value into Your Business

At Wales McLelland, we do so much more than construction. We engineer value solutions so our partners can get the most out of their business. We do this by asking our clients the right questions before we set foot on the job site, by identifying potential growth opportunities, and by creating a working relationship that allows for collaboration.

Pre-Construction Done Right

We’ve completed over 500 projects because we plan for success. From the initial idea to development permits to construction permits, we make sure everything is done right the first time. We don’t care for surprises, and neither do our clients. So we always aim to provide accurate estimates, detailed designs, and turn-key solutions that deliver exactly what’s promised, on time and on budget.

Why Work with Wales McLelland

  • 50 Years of Experience
  • Focus and Specialization
  • An Experienced Team and Staff to Count On
  • Flexible Team and Flexible Delivery Model
  • Transparency Through Technology
  • Partnerships Built on History
Over 500 Successful Projects Built