Project Audi & Jaguar Land Rover



Automotive Retail,

  • Client

    Cowell Auto Group

  • Location

    Richmond, BC

  • Size

    274,700 SQ FT

  • Delivery Model

    Construction Management at Risk

  • Value

    40+ Million

Multiphase Expansion

To expand the Richmond Auto Mall, Cowell Auto Group brought on Wales McLelland to handle everything from demolition to construction of the new Audi and Jaguar Land Rover dealerships. The project consisted of two different phases over the course of two years and was completed in 2017.

From Demolition to Construction

During the first phase of the project, demolition of four buildings took place to make room for the new dealerships and an access road. Second-phase construction of the new Audi and Jaguar Land Rover locations began shortly after. Once the buildings were completed, and Audi and Jaguar/Landrover moved in, Wales McLelland demolished the then-existing dealerships to prepare the site for a new Cowell Volkswagen dealership. A variety of special features were designed and built to give each dealership its own unique space that aligned with both brands.

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