Article Leadership in Construction: Recognizing the Promotions of Paul Bordignon and Kyle Scott

As Wales McLelland prepares for an active summer entering this new era in construction, we are pleased to announce the recent promotions of two driven and talented employees: Paul Bordignon (General Superintendent) and Kyle Scott (Field Manager).

Within this formal announcement, we will be sharing the experiences of how Paul and Kyle advanced their careers at Wales McLelland, and how they will continue to be supported with opportunities to further develop as industry leaders.

“We are grateful to have both Paul and Kyle choose to advance their careers with Wales McLelland.” says Kevin Armon, Vice President of Construction. “It’s encouraging to see our supportive, respectful, and mentoring work environment continue to attract and develop leaders like Paul and Kyle.”

“Both Paul and Kyle have performed at a very high level in their previous roles as Site Superintendents.” confirms Warren Downes, Manager of Operations. “Their experience, ambition, and creative abilities will continue to raise the bar in the construction industry for years to come. Our clients will certainly benefit from the promotions of these two dedicated individuals.”

Paul Bordignon promoted to General Superintendent - Wales McLelland Construction

Paul Bordignon, recently promoted to General Superintendent, first joined Wales McLelland in 2017 as a Senior Site Superintendent. Prior to joining Wales, Paul completed over 20 commercial building and multi-unit residential projects, totalling over $160-million in value.

“Having worked in the Greater Vancouver construction industry since 2001, I was already familiar with Wales McLelland’s reputation for developing people from within.” Paul says. “Before joining the team, I got to work alongside Wales on a couple of large-scale projects, and experienced their collaborative and relationship-driven approach they’re known for first-hand.”

When asked to reflect on his personal onboarding experience soon after joining the Wales McLelland team, Paul was quick to expand on the relationship-building mentality. “When I came into the company, I was fully embraced by the entire Wales team. Everyone is committed to working together, it’s encouraging to receive the full support of the team to see our clients succeed.”

“Our team mentality is that we don’t only build construction projects, but that we build relationships with our clients, trades, consultants, and coworkers.”

Paul Bordignon General Superintendent - Wales McLelland Construction Site

It became clear early on that Paul was an ideal fit for the culture and environment that Wales had in place, sharing the same values for continual improvement and professional development. “The company-wide commitment to personalized performance reviews and internal support mechanisms is what continues to appeal to me about Wales McLelland.”

“Wales works with every employee to identify personal goals and define how they want to advance their professional careers. From there, Wales provides leadership, mentorship, and training opportunities, to empower each employee to succeed.”

Paul Bordignon General Superintendent - Wales McLelland on Construction Site

Now as a member of the Senior Management Team, Paul comments on how Wales McLelland supports his ambition to further develop his leadership skills. “Everyone on the Senior Management Team is committed to maintaining a clear and respectful line of communication with each employee, to both give and receive feedback. We use this opportunity to look internally within ourselves to see where we can improve — both individually as leaders, and together as a company.”

“I’m honoured to be given this opportunity to grow personally and professionally within Wales McLelland. It’s a privilege to work alongside people who share the same values and the same vision of growth for the company. This is how we’re able to achieve incredible results for our clients.”

Kyle Scott Promoted to Field Manager at Wales McLelland Construction

Kyle Scott, recently promoted to Field Manager, has been working with Wales McLelland over the past 17 years. “I got my start at Wales McLelland right out of high school as I was completing my Red Seal Carpentry Certification, initially starting out as a General Labourer.”

Kyle also references Wales’ commitment to continual improvement and professional development as a driving factor in his career trajectory. “Early on throughout my apprenticeship, I was introduced to opportunities to expand my potential and take on new responsibilities. From General Labourer, to Foreman, to Site Foreman, to Site Superintendent, to Field Manager — I’m honoured to look back on my career at Wales and see the results of the work I put in, for both myself and the company.”

Wales McLelland - Kyle Scott Promoted to Field Manager 2020

Kyle credits the mentorship environment at Wales McLelland for his development. “Under the mentorship of the team, I could see a clearly defined path for both personal and professional growth. The culture at Wales empowers managers to work closely with all field and office personnel, to lay the foundation for career progression by completing performance reviews, creating five-year plans, and setting clear objectives.”

“It’s easy to excel in a company with such a positive and supporting work environment.”

When asked what keeps him motivated to expand his 17-year tenure with Wales McLelland in his new capacity as Field Manager, Kyle’s enthusiasm for the projects he works on really shone through. “We’re continually working on new and more challenging projects. Everything from automotive dealerships, to multi-building commercial developments, to industrial multi-tenant warehouse facilities, to institutional buildings; the future is bright.”

Kyle Scott Promoted - Field Manager - Wales McLelland Construction

Tony Vigini and the rest of the Senior Management Team reiterate the importance of creating a supportive and respectful work environment for developing leaders. “These investments we continue to make in our people, our culture, and our processes, will last throughout and beyond this emerging era in construction. This positions Wales McLelland to maintain the highest level of commitment, professionalism, and availability to our expanding client base.”

“We are all very excited about the direction our company is headed, and are proud to have Paul and Kyle pave the way for the next generation of construction leaders at Wales McLelland.”

To learn more about how you can advance your career in the construction industry in an inclusive, supportive, and respectful work environment, visit our list of active job postings to join the Wales McLelland team.