How Do We Practice Sustainability?

We believe sustainable building to be extremely important. That's why we implement our construction practices in the most green and sustainable manner possible. As discussed in our previous post, we use the LEED rating system to be sure we are creating LEED certified buildings for each and every project. We also find it important to maintain our status as being carbon neutral. In order to qualify as this, we document and prove we have net zero carbon emissions. We work alongside offsetters and do as much as we can to reduce our carbon footprint. 

We work hard to mentor and advise clients on sustainable construction practices and how to be more conscious of their environmental impact. These sustainable and green building initiatives are extremely important to us. By being a carbon-neutral company we are also not adding to a client's carbon footprint. We have spent alot of time understanding and researching the LEED certification system, and we will continue to use those green practices and building technologies to achieve these goals. We are proud to be able to educate our clients and offer them every green building option to minimize environmental impact while maximizing their financial return. 

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