Jiva Organics Project

We're excited to annouce one of our current projects, Jiva Organics distribution facility. Located in Burnaby, B.C. Jiva Organics has decided to consolidate their business into this new facility. After much collaboration with the municipality, the design team and Wales McLelland, a design of a five unit strata offive warehouse building was reached. The building totals approx. 97,000 sq. ft. with 75,000 sq.ft. on the ground floor and 22,000 sq.ft. on the second level, separated into five strata lots. The facility is designed with light manufacturing and distribution uses in mind. An ESFR sprinkler system with 28 feet clear ceiling heights and ample truck turning areas meets the needs of distribution oriented businesses. This project is valued at $8,000,000 and due to be completed in about 2 years time in June 2018.