Worksite Safety Reminders

As some of you may know, April 28th has been designated as the Day of Mourning across Canada. It is to honour those who have been lost due to workplace accidents. It also plays as a gental reminder to re-new our commitment to creating safe workplaces. 

In lieu of this important day of rememberance taking place just last Thursday, we thought there's no better time to remind everyone, especially in construction, to be extra cautious when out in the field. There are many preventable accidents and sometimes it just takes a simple reminder or two to keep your workplace in the safest state possible!

We turned to a recent "Workplace Safety" post by SiteMax Systems Inc. for some key pointers not to be forgotten. They are as follows:

- Never use damaged tools. Be sure to examine every tool before you use it, even if it was just used yesterday. You never know if something happened in only the last few hours that could make it dangerous for you to pick up or turn on. This applies to tools big and small- take extra precaution when handling anything that could cause you or a co-worker harm.

- Never use scaffold in bad weather. Even though you may think some light rain won’t cause a lot of problems, you should still be wary of slippery surfaces. Avoid scaffold in any sort of rain or snow storm, it’s definitely not worth the risk of trying to work through it.

- Wear a mask at all times. This is especially important if you’re working indoors as certain buildings may have poor ventilation. Though you might not notice the effects right away of not wearing a mask, they will start to become more obvious in the long run. Protect your lungs and body from harmful chemicals or even things as simple as dust. It takes only a couple seconds to put one on!


- Keep your arms and wrists neutral. This might not be an obvious one but body alignment is extremely important. The more neutral and aligned you keep your posture the smaller the chance you have at developing diseases like carpal tunnel syndrome. Another good posture suggestion is to sit instead of squatting all the time when working on something at a lower level.


- Always have extra room to move your equipment or vehicle. You always need enough room to be able to turn around or move out of the way when need be. Also be sure to inform those surrounding you about your next move or stop.


The tips mentioned above are only a few out of thousands that can make daily accidents and illnesses much more preventable. Families, friends and employers gather annually at ceremonies held country wide to honour those who lost their lives to work-related accidents or occupational diseases. Let's work together and prevent more from happening in the future.